Will Barra Keep Killing Mexicans with Chariots of Death? Will Trump Stop the Carnage?


Today, Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors speaks before the Economic Club of Washington D.C. Will she continue to kill Mexicans by selling substandard, unsafe cars in Mexico with no airbags or limited airbags? As we showed in our investigative report, GM is the only U.S. automaker selling passenger cars without airbags in Mexico. Why do they continue to do so? Because the three models without airbags are the top-selling U.S. cars in Mexico. GM shipped its plants out of the country so they could build substandard and unsafe…

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GM is more of a Danger to Hispanics than President Trump


President-elect Donald Trump has put the auto industry on notice: keep your jobs, expansion plans, and new plants in the United States or face dire consequences. Responding to Trump, Ford abandoned plans to build a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico and instead will invest $700 million in a Michigan plant, while Fiat Chrysler will invest $1 billion and add at least 2,000 jobs at plants in Michigan and Ohio. As he uses the presidential bully pulpit to shame and force change from the auto industry, President-elect Trump is shaking up…

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Investigative Report Exposes GM’s Deadly and Dishonest Conduct


The Consejo de Latinos Unidos, a national public charity and consumer group that issued the new investigative report La Mentira (The Lie), said the report exposes GM and their CEO Mary Barra on two fronts: GM’s economic racism of being the only U.S. automaker selling unsafe and deadly passenger cars without airbags in Mexico.  And that Barra is peddling a myth that airbags make cars unaffordable in emerging markets. It’s not true.

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Barra’s Congressional Testimony about Safety was Full of Starch


Days after Mary Barra’s testimony to Congress in April of 2014, GM announced a new “Speak Up for Safety Program” and Barra stated it was established “to make sure everyone knows how serious we are about speaking up and about safety….to make our vehicles safer, to make our whole company a safer organization, and focused on the customer’s safety.” Barra declared, “We need to drive cultural change to make sure people are going to go that extra mile in this area.” In September of 2014, speaking to readers of Consumer…

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GM’s Barra Continues Selling Unsafe and Deadly Cars in Mexico


Almost two years ago, Mary Barra vowed to make safety a top priority. It was a lie. On March 14, 2016,  Bloomberg News reported GM’s insidious response to the hundreds if not thousands of deaths caused by their faulty ignition switch that led to 2.6 million recalls: “‘Sometimes, accidents just happen,’ a lawyer for General Motors Co. told a U.S. jury in defense of the carmaker at a test trial over a deadly flaw in millions of ignition switches.” The arrogant comment that “sometimes accidents just happen” is indicative of…

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