Will Barra Keep Killing Mexicans with Chariots of Death? Will Trump Stop the Carnage?

Today, Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors speaks before the Economic Club of Washington D.C. Will she continue to kill Mexicans by selling substandard, unsafe cars in Mexico with no airbags or limited airbags? As we showed in our investigative report, GM is the only U.S. automaker selling passenger cars without airbags in Mexico. Why do they continue to do so? Because the three models without airbags are the top-selling U.S. cars in Mexico. GM shipped its plants out of the country so they could build substandard and unsafe cars without airbags–and get away with it. GM’s Chariots of Death have caused real carnage on the highways of Mexico. President Trump should hold Barra and GM accountable: bring the jobs back and/or raise the safety standards globally to U.S. mandatory requirements.